US Retirement Benefits

US Defined Benefit (DB) Pension and Post-Retirement Benefit Plans – Actuarial Services

While some companies have closed their US DB pension and post-retirement benefit plans to new members and have frozen benefit accruals, other companies maintain open plans for employees. Outland Consultants provides actuarial and administrative services for each of these situations.

  • ERISA Actuarial Valuations
  • ASC 715 Valuations and Reports (Pension and Post-Retirement Benefits)
  • Government Filings (PBGC Estimated Flat-Rate Premium Filing and Comprehensive Premium Filings,
    IRS Form 5500 with schedules and attachments, IRS Form 8895-SSA)
  • Retirement and termination benefit calculations
  • Plan termination studies
  • Adjusted Funding Target Attainment Percentage (AFTAP)
  • Annual Funding Notices
  • Employee Benefit Statements
  • Response to Auditor’s requests

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