International Employee Benefits

We help our clients manage their international employee benefit plans, through audits for compliance, design recommendations for competiveness, marketing and implementation of insurance plans, and management of benefit programs.

Benefit Philosophy

Benefit Audit

  • Synopsis of basic statutory benefits, usually financed through payroll tax
  • Description of mandated benefits that must be provided by the employer, either through insurance or by
    self-funding, and comments about local company compliance
  • Summary of current supplemental benefit programs
  • Comment about supplemental benefits, identification of any shortfall based on Company Benefit Philosophy

Marketing and Implementation of Supplemental Benefits

Management of International Benefit Plans

Global Insurance Plans

Usually, we recommend a local insurance provider solution for local national employees. In some situations, a local solution is not viable, often when there is a small number of employees in a given country. Alternatively we can establish global plans:

  • Global life insurance
  • Global medical insurance
  • Global retirement plan

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