Outland Consultants, LLC is located in Glastonbury Connecticut. We have an extensive network of local affiliates, with employee benefits professionals around the globe. Our affiliates include HR/benefits consultants, brokers, labor and pension attorneys, actuaries, insurance companies, and payroll providers. For each client assignment, Outland Consultants assembles the best team of affiliates to accomplish the task.

Outland Consultants has international actuaries with extensive M&A experience. Assignments range from acquisitions with a single country location to major transactions involving 42 countries. We have represented the purchaser in many transactions, including the following examples:

  • Purchase of a division of a Fortune 100 company; 3,000 non-US employees in 22 countries
  • Fortune 50 company acquisition of a division of a Swedish business entity; 2,500 non-US employees
    in 26 countries
  • Establishment of a joint venture between a large US company and a major Japanese firm; 3,500
    employees in 13 Japanese subsidiaries and 1 Thailand subsidiary
  • HR due diligence of a UK-based company with operations in 4 European countries; 600 employees
  • Transition and integration services for private equity firm purchase of an IT business division, involving
    150 employees in 6 countries
  • Transition and integration of employee benefits for a business unit with 900 employees in 42 countries;
    including offshore retirement scheme covering employees in 12 countries


Outland Consultants has US pension actuaries with more than 30 years of experience in actuarial consulting and valuations, ASC715 accounting consolidation, IRS/DOL/PBGC filings, and benefit calculations